For small to medium businesses that don’t have an IT department.

Server Maintenance ServicesDoes your business use multiple computers? If so, you could streamline your operations with a simple server setup.

The value of business servers is that you don’t have to store all of your data on individual computers. Instead, you maintain it on a centralized server where it can be retrieved by any computer on your network.

Not only does this take the load off your core machines, it helps you secure your data and makes it easier to access by all of your employees. As a result your business operates more efficiently and saves time and money

  • Fast, Secure, Easily Accessible Data
  • Free Your Network Computers Up
  • Easier to backup

If you plan to scale your business up, a managed server is the way to go. It’s a setup that grows with you over time.

With Net Help 24/7 we’ll design a custom server solution that makes sense for your business. We’ll take care of the setup, so it’s all done for you. We’ll can even maintain it, so you never have to worry about repairs.

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