Keep your business safe even when disaster strikes.

Computer Virus Repair in IndianapolisWhen you don’t backup your data, it puts your business at serious risk. A fire, flood, virus/ransomware, even a cup of water can wipe you out. To keep your business safe, consider our hybrid local + cloud-based backup solutions.

With Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, we’ll store a copy of your most important data for safekeeping both locally for quick recovery, and in our US Based data centers for ultimate protection.

  • Secured & Encrypted Data
  • US Based Datacenters
  • Scalable Storage Options
  • Routine Scheduled Backups
  • Backup Data locally in near “Real-Time”

Secured Backup Storage DatacenterMajor natural disasters are rare, but small accidents happen, and issues with viruses/ransomware can happen at any time. Events like these can either be a minor nuisance or put you out of business. When you have routine backups stored on external cloud-based servers, you won’t have to worry about data loss ever again.
At Net Help 24/7 we specialize in keeping your data safe. Contact us today to discuss our Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution.

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